The Lilac Butterfly Story


Hi, I’m Lindsey! I am the owner and creator of The Lilac Butterfly, founded in 2022. I have always had a passion for creating; so much so that my mind would never rest! Whether it was writing a story, starting a blog, crafting, decorating…pretty much anything that would take me to my happy place! We all know how hard life can be sometimes, so it’s nice having something to take me to a place of tranquility where I am untouchable in my own little world. 

Like many, I’ve had my struggles. Through a long and personal journey, I have learned to turn my struggles into strength and my sadness into gratitude. I learned to be more forgiving toward myself for not being “perfect”, and to understand that rest is an essential part of being a human. The journey to self-love wasn’t easy but boy was it worth it! I still have my struggles as does everyone in this chaotic world, but through it all I have continued to love and be true to myself more than I ever thought was possible. It is such a freeing feeling!

When deciding on my next creation I knew that I wanted it to be something that could help other women like me. Those that are hard on themselves because of the picture that society has painted for us. We live in a world that is constantly on the go with little time to rest. I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to collapse from exhaustion, but I had no choice but to keep going…or did I? My journey to self-love has also taught me about the importance of self-care. It was foreign to me at first, but now is a part of me that I want to share with you.


The Lilac Butterfly was created to teach others how to give themselves the break that they deserve! We specialize in all things comfy, relaxing, happy, and fun – all the things that would come in handy for a self-care day! With a great selection of self-care items, pamper packs, cozy items, and treat-yourself kits, you’re sure to find just what you need to show yourself the love you deserve. It’s important to take time in our days to rest, relax, and recharge so we can better love the world around us. That’s why whether you’re looking for cozy socks, an anxiety-relief bath bomb, or positivity pins to remind yourself that you’re important, our online store has just what you need!

Our brand colors are light and soothing with a goal to deliver vibes of serenity. We aim to be size-inclusive because why shouldn’t we be? You may also notice the splashes of purple and the butterflies that are entwined with our brand. Those were added as something that is special to me and is a part of my story which you can read about in my blog. So, welcome to the Lilac family! We hope that you can find exactly what you are looking for – which is exactly what you deserve!

In love and light, Lindsey