The Lilac Butterfly Origin And Purpose

The Lilac Butterfly Origin And Purpose

All About The Lilac Butterfly - From The CEO

What is the origin of The Lilac Butterfly Brand?

For as far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with butterflies. I remember being very young and watching one flutter above me and I could not believe how beautiful it was! I was never a fan of insects. Their creepy crawly legs and wings gave me the willies. But for some reason I was not afraid of this butterfly. It was so mystical! I remember knowing in my heart that there was something special about this insect because never have I felt such a sense of wonder and beauty when one was in my presence. That moment began my love for the butterfly.

Fast forward to my grade school years. I remember learning about the metamorphosis of the butterfly and was so ingrained in learning about their cycle of life. The way they go from a creepy crawly caterpillar to something so beautiful was intriguing to me! Then one day I looked up the meaning of the butterfly, and I read that it is a universal symbol of metamorphosis; or in other words, a change from ugliness to beauty, from hate to love, or from this life to the next. This only deepened my love for this wonderous creature and my connection with them suddenly started to make sense!
Now, as for the Lilac part of my brand…well, that is my favorite color in the entire world! Not only my favorite color, but my favorite flower and even favorite scent. The lilac also reminds me of my grandmother who shared the same love for it as I do. Seeing one, smelling one, or even seeing the color of lilac makes me feel connected to her. So, when deciding on a name for my brand that I wanted to represent, I couldn’t think of a better name than The Lilac Butterfly!

What do you want people to feel when they hear the name, The Lilac Butterfly?

When people hear the name The Lilac Butterfly, I want them to feel a sense of peace and tranquility in a world filled with chaos. I want them to feel a sense of love and acceptance in a world filled with hate. I want them to feel the way that I feel when I am in the presence of a butterfly or in a room filled with soothing lilac colors. My hope for my brand is that it can serve as a happy and colorful place in a world so scary and dark. I want to touch people with my story and want to connect with them through my blogs. Perhaps, I can help them feel not so alone by giving them a place of connection and a center of peace where they can be untouchable in their own little world. We will also be size inclusive so that nobody will be left out of The Lilac Family!

What will your brand specialize in?

The Lilac Butterfly will specialize in all things self-love and self-care. Perhaps I can explain it better by painting a bigger picture for you?
For example…
A woman in her thirties spends her days working five to six days per week and sometimes up to twelve-hour shifts in a doctor’s office. She spends her days getting yelled at by angry patients and a tired doctor. At the end of her day, she comes home feeling so drained that all she wants to do is collapse in her bed. But it’s not quite time for that. She has a family to care for, a house to clean, pets that need a walk and attention. So, she pops some Tylenol to take care of the headache that she’s had for the past six hours and gets to work. Come Sunday she would like nothing more than to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, but it happens to be the only day she has to catch up on grocery shopping, laundry, bill paying, and phone calls to family and friends. She’s on auto pilot and must remain so in order to keep going. This is her life, day in and day out.

So, my question is when does this stop? Sadly, the answer for many people, especially women, is never. I can’t tell you how many Sundays I have attempted to take a load off and enjoy some “me” time and after only a few minutes I begin to feel guilty. I begin to run scenarios through my mind about what I could be doing with the time I’m wasting. I start to feel a sense of doom just for taking a break because how on earth will everything get done if I do that? It’s a vicious, endless cycle. And unfortunately, it is the norm for many people these days.
Living this way for many years began to cause me to feel burned out and dare I say, maybe even a little depressed? I would sugar coat my feelings by telling myself, “Someday you’ll catch up in life and you’ll have a wonderful break!” But here’s the thing; life is so unpredictable! Whose to say when our time is up? I began to wonder whether I want to leave this earth with only knowing how to care for everyone else except for myself? Or do I want to leave after experiencing the joy of loving and caring for myself just as much as I do for everyone else? It was then that I decided to turn a new leaf!

Now believe me it wasn’t easy. I had to adapt to an entirely new way of living and to this day I still have trouble taking it easy on myself. And I’m not the only one to ever feel this way. Society paints a picture that if we lounge around and relax that we are being unproductive or even lazy. But it’s time that those thoughts and stigmas come to an end! Perhaps, if self-care were viewed as more of a priority, then the world wouldn’t seem so dark and stressful?

So, this is where my brand comes in. My soft and cozy loungewear will come in handy for a self-care day! And the “Kozy Kits” that I am designing will contain many fun, cheerful and relaxing goodies. I want to include aspiring and cheerful messages in each of the kits so that when they are opened, they bring a smile to someone’s face. I want to deliver happiness, hope and relaxation in every single package and give people something to look forward to. It’s time we begin to love ourselves enough to give ourselves a break! We’re all doing the best we can in this chaotic world.

Just breathe, smile, and recharge yourself. You deserve it!
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Love, Lindsey