Our Kozy Kits were designed with one goal in mind — to provide people everywhere with the self-care kits they need to pamper themselves. Each thoughtfully chosen product in our Kozy Kits was selected to help you on your own self-care journey. After realizing the connection between self-care and mental health, we realized that it was important to provide products that help to foster the self-care we all need and that we all desperately crave!

Explore our different Kozy Kits below to choose the one that’s best for your self-care night. Whether you’re searching for a self-care kit for the new mom in your life, a “treat yourself” kit to use on a Friday night, or the best self-care items to keep in your closet whenever you need them, you’ll find them at The Lilac Butterfly. Place your order today!

Three Different Kits Available

At The Lilac Butterfly, we are committed to reminding women of the power and value of self-care. We understand that you cannot care for others unless you first care for yourself, and we strive to give women the tools (and accessories) they need to take time off and simply relax. The KOZY Kits, no matter which one you choose, is carefully curated to provide you with all the self-care products you need for a short relaxation period, full day, or whole weekend so that you are able to love and give to others when it matters most.

The Pamper Pack

For a simple treat yourself kind of moment, this pack is complete with a pair of KOZY socks, a scrunchie to put your hair up, an eye mask, one tea bag so you can relax, and a self-love sticker to remind you that you deserve it.


The Day In KOZY Kit

For a full day of relaxation, enjoy a pair of KOZY socks, a scrunchie, one face mask and eye mask, two tea bags to relax, a bath bomb and aromatherapy candle for peace, and a sticker to remind you that self-care isn’t selfish.


The Weekend Off KOZY Kit

If you’ve got the whole weekend off, this kit gives you everything you need to spend your weekend rejuvenating your emotional energy with a scrunchie and KOZY socks, two face masks and eye masks so you can look and feel great, four tea bags, two bath bombs, an aromatherapy candle, a 12-ounce insulated tumbler, and a self-care sticker because why not?


What Makes Us Different?

The butterfly has been a representation of transformation for centuries. From hate to love, disarray to peace, this life to the next, the butterfly is a representation of something much better, beautiful, and graceful on the horizon. As a woman-founded and run business, we have found our passion in reminding other women of the value and importance of self-care — of sharing in the transformation from chaos and stress to tranquility and serenity.
It is often the case that we find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of working, eating, and going to bed without a second thought about our own well-being. Whether you’re a mom who works five days a week; a college student who just can’t seem to get a break; or living on your own and are constantly bogged down by work, grocery shopping, and other chores, our self-care products are meant to remind each and every woman of her value and the importance of taking care of herself.

About The Lilac Butterfly

The Value of Self-Care

Self-care isn’t just about getting a break, it’s about so much more than that. If you have ever been in a state of go-go-go for too long, you know the impact your schedule and stresses have on your overall health. At The Lilac Butterfly, we know that taking care of yourself and de-stressing improves mental health drastically. It allows for better processing of future stresses, sudden surprises, and even allows you to enjoy your work, kids, or hobbies a little bit more than before. We understand that self-care is more than physical, women’s self-care is also about emotional well-being, and our self-care products reflect this value.

We all know what it’s like to pour out our love when we’ve got no love to give. The KOZY Kit is filled with self-care products that are designed to help you rest, letting you de-stress and refill your cup so you have more to give. If you are finding yourself in the position of starving for rest, unable to give everything you know you are capable of, these kits are designed specifically for you.

Whether you are run ragged or just looking forward to a night in, we at the Lilac Butterfly are committed to providing you with the self-care products you need to find the rest you deserve. Life isn’t always about getting things done, and our products aim to remind women that self-care is vital to their well-being and not something to just throw on the back burner. If you are in need of a night, day, or weekend of relaxation, shop our KOZY Kits above. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.